Terrain Tamer 4wd Touring Essentials


Before you head off on your next big trip, lets talk about remote area touring and the need to carry important replacement parts for your vehicle from Terrain Tamer.
“The Outback” isn’t really outback any more, the number of touring vehicles has increased tenfold in recent years. You are rarely alone on the road these days, and near impossible to find a campsite all to yourself. There are retirees with their caravans on the back, overseas backpackers in those danged unreliable hippy vans, there is always someone on the road with you, ask a truckie that has to do this for a living.


But break-downs happen, if you’re lucky it won’t happen to you. Carrying spares specific to your 4wd is not only sensible in today’s ‘busy busy’, world it’s almost essential. It could save you time and money. Most mechanics will happily fit spares supplied by the owner. And it’s faster too, there is no wasted time waiting for a freight.

Terrain Tamer Service Filter Kit

The Terrain Tamer Service Kit comes BOXED for easy storage and protection
Oil + Air + Fuel Filters + FlashLube

Terrain Tamer have been packing these vehicle specific kits for many years, and have greatly increased their range to include most 4wd vehicles that are currently on the market.

Whilst they did originally do these kits for with the market leaders, Toyota and Nissan, their
range now includes Holden, Isuzu, Ford, Mazda
and Mitsubishi and across most models.

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    Terrain Tamer Belt Kits

    All Terrain Tamer Belts are made by the same Original Equipment Manufacturer as your 4wd.

    With have improved grip and increased shock load,
    vacuum packed ready for your next trip.

    Terrain Tamer Belt Kits are easy to store
    safely on the heavy cardboard backing
    – no damaged belts here
    Alternator – Fan – Power Steering

    Find YOUR 4wd Belt Kit CLICK HERE

    In the Terrain Tamer Radiator Kit

    Terrain Tamer Radiator Hose Kits are another excellent product 4wd owners to carry in the back.
    A faulty radiator or heater hose can you put your expensive 4wd at risk of engine failure.
    Everything YOU need for emergency repairs is in the kit, just add a flat blade screwdriver for the clamps and your good to go.

    Stick the old ones in the the bag, if they’re not completely shot you can always keep them as a spare until you can buy replacement new hoses for your kit.

    Find YOUR 4wd Radiator or Heater Hose Kit CLICK HERE