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    Coil-Rite Kit

    Coil-Rite Airbag

    The Coil-Rite Kit by Firestone provides fully adjustable support to your vehicle’s existing suspension, maintaining ride height and correct weight distribution.

    Suitable for all coil sprung vehicles which carry occasional heavy loads. Fits neatly inside coil spring, although we suggest to prevent any damage the Heavy Duty kit be fitted as the addition of the Kevlar cover prevents external damage from off-road debris and general wear
    & tear over the life of the kit.




    Ride-Ride Kit

    Ride-Rite Bellows

    Ride-Rite Air Bag Assist Kit by Firestone is designed to assist leaf sprung vehicles. Suitable for the commercial ute that carry the occasional extra heavy load as they are adjustable to meet load requirements. However, for consistently heavy load carrying it is advised that they should be used in conjunction with heavy duty leaf spring pack for high demand load carrying capacity and on-road safety.

    If your ute consistently carries heavy loads and you are reaching your GVM we can assist also assist you with GVM upgrade.




    Firestone’s Coil-Rite Kit was suitable for this Nissan Patrol Ute with a tradesman canopy & heavy tow ball weight when towing their offroad caravan. The essence of the Coil-Rite Kit is to assist your vehicle’s suspension when required, not making it a rigid hard ride, sacrificing daily passenger comfort. With well placed easy to get to inlet valves the adjustment couldn’t be more simple.

    Airline points

    Coil-Rite Air Bags Coil Rear Patrol Ute


    Coil-Rite HD Air Bag Kit as fitted to this 150 Series Prado, maintains ride height whilst towing. Without increasing normal ride height or comfort by retaining original suspension, yet assisting spring control whilst laden. The customer didn’t wish to increase the original factory ride height, so we retained the OEM spring as it was brand new, and added the Coil-Rite kit to retain the correct tow ball height when towing his offroad camper. This the allows him to ‘air down’ the bags when not fully laden & hitched up, so his Prado rides as soft as standard as the families daily drive.

    Coil-Rite Air Bags Prado – Towball Weight

    Standard Height 150 Prado

    Heavy Duty Kit

    Ride-Rite Air Helper Spring



Older trucks that have already suffered from suspension fade would also be advised to replace both springs & shock absorbers, as airbags are not designed to replace the existing rear springs only assist them, and correct use will not damage truck.

Time for NEW Shocks, springs only 6mths old

Replaced OEM Ironman 4×4 Shocks

Over inflation of bags not only risks damage to the bags, but also the chassis. Overinflation also defeats the purpose of your springs and shock asborbers as they cannot function correctly if your air bags are tacking all the load. It is important to remember that the over loading of your vehicle, regardless of towing ability could damage suspension & chassis components and is ILLEGAL.

For ALL suspension modifications it is essential to get the correct advise, as your suspension supplier you should ask lots of questions; and you should tell us how you intend to use your truck – whether for work or play, what roads you intend to travel – what may suit the mildly corrugated dirt road certainly will not handle the Connie Sue.

Get the right package for your 4wd; a cheap quick fix may cause serious & costly issues further down the track.

Pic courtesy 4wd Action – D22 Navara – but we have all seen something similarly stupid