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    2018 HiLux Ride Rite Airbag Man Kit - raised 40-50mm

    2018 HiLux Ride Rite Kit – raised 40-50mm

    Rear Leaf Sprung Commercial Utes that require extra stability when carrying occasional heavy loads can benefit from the assistance of a Ride-Rite Airbag Kit –

    RIDE-RITE by Firestone Helper Kit

    An easy Fit Kit that includes:-
    * 2 Air Bellows
    * Vehicle Specific Mounts
    * Fasteners
    * Air Fittings – air-line tubing and inflation valves
    * FULL INSTRUCTIONS included


    These air bellows are recommended to provide assistance when carrying occasional loads. They can be easily deflated when not required to re-instate original riding COMFORT for your passengers.

    COIL-RITE AIRBAGS by Firestone

    Landcruiser 105 Coil 75mm HP Airbag Kit

    Landcruiser 105 Coil 75mm HP Kit

    Large Coil Sprung 4wd Wagons often need additional suspension support whilst towing or carrying occasional heavy loads, such as extra passengers in the rear seats. With the addition of a rear Airbag Man Coil-Rite Kit you can achieve far better on or off road handling by keeping the vehicle level restoring the vehicles steering geometry.
    Coil-Rite Airbags are fitted inside existing coil springs and can be inflated or deflated as required. By deflating to the advised minimum pressure when not in use the vehicle’s existing ride comfort is maintained.
    Pictured is a High Pressure Kit and comes with protective KEVLAR sleeves recommended for longer life and added protection of the bags when partially deflated within the coil spring.

    COIL-RITE Airbag Kit

    Kit Includes:-
    * 2 Air Bags
    * 2 Kevlar Sleeves
    * 2 fitting plates
    * Air Fittings – air-line tubing and air valves – fasteners
    FULL INSTRUCTIONS included some drilling required


    HOWEVER, if you are carrying a constant LOAD, please CONTACT US for advice on upgrading your vehicles OEM suspension. Original Equipment is designed for GENERIC USE and not USER SPECIFIC. We can offer a variety of Suspension Options from Leading Suspension Manufacturers and advice on UPTO GVM or increased GVM suspension. Give Rob a call to discuss available options to keep your Vehicle LEVEL and SAFE.

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