With over 60 years of experience manufacturing in Australia, Dobinsons Springs and Suspension are no strangers to providing the highest quality spring and suspension components, and their range of leaf springs is no exception.

    High Quality Spring Steel

    Manufactured to ISO9001:2008

    Manufactured to ISO9001:2008

    Manufactured from only the highest quality raw materials so as to withstand the harshest conditions and longevity. Designed specifically for each vehicle model to give required load and height requirements for each application.
    Design features include drawn, tapered and thinned leaf ends for even stress distribution over the entire spring pack, two stage spring design for the rear of most vehicles to achieve optimum ride and handling both laden and unladen and carefully selected leaf lengths and thickness’s to maximize the spring life, comfort, load carrying capacity, wheel travel and performance.

    Multiple Vehicle Options

    Dobinsons Options

    Multiple Spring Rate Options

    For most vehicles, we offer multiple options to best suit customer needs, this ensures the correct spring rate is matched for the vehicle model and the accessories added. This provides a raised height where applicable without going beyond the safe design requirements to enhance performance, load carrying capacity and off-road ability without compromising safety.

    Manufactured in Australia

    Where possible Dobinsons leaf springs utilize full military wrappers and full length wrappers to provide additional support to the main leaf and improve safety.
    Dobinsons Military wrappers

    Military wrappers

    Anti-Friction inter leaf liners are use to reduce the friction at each leaf end where the load is greatest and provides a smoother, quieter ride. No more irritating clunking or squeaking.
    Dobinsons Anti-Friction Liners

    Anti-Friction Inter Leaf Liners

    Dobinsons leaf springs feature high strength alignment clips with nylon insulators to reduce wear and noise.
    Nyloc nuts are also featured on bolted clips to prevent loosening
    off nuts which can cause tyre damage.

    Alignment Clips

    Alignment Clips

    Each Dobinsons leaf spring is shotpeened on the tension side of each life and completely scragged. This dramatically reduces the chance of sagging and breakage and doubles the expected working life of the spring. Random sampling from production is then also durability tested to ensure Dobinsons leaf springs will outlast the competitors.
    Dobinsons Shotpeened

    Shotpeened & Scragged

    Dobinsons HD Kit Before After

    Dobinson Heavy Duty Rear Leaf Pack fitted to LC79 Ute to assist in carrying Alloy Canopy and 350kg Tow Ball Weight