TERRAIN TAMER 4WD Cooling System Hose Kits

    Terrain Tamer 4wd Radiator Kit

    Terrain Tamer 4wd Radiator Kit

    Each Terrain Tamer 4wd Hose Kit comes complete with ALL hoses and clamps.

    – Radiator Hose Kit – Heater Hose Kit
    – Conveniently Packed and Easy to Safely Store
    – Take these Along on your Next Trip
    – YOU WILL NEED these kits eventually, if not on this trip.
    – Keep for Major Service if not required prior.

    Terrain Tamer Radiator Hose Kit

    Terrain Tamer Radiator Kit

    The best thing about each Terrain Tamer 4wd Hose Kit they are PRE-PACKED ready when YOU NEED THEM safely stored in heavy duty clear vinyl bag for easy identification.

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    Terrain Tamer Filter Kit

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