Glind Hot Water System

GLIND Hot Water System

10 July 2012 by Admin

The most luxurious accessory you can add to your camping 4wd is a hot water shower. To keep the missus happy add a GLIND HOT WATER SYSTEM to your rig.

GLIND The Original


The Glind Hot Water system mounted under the bonnet of your 4wd gives you independence when traveling.
With the ability to draw water from your jerry can or a creek, this unit gets it hot. 
All the required bits for the installation are included in the Glind Original kit. 

A range of options are also available.



Glind_Hot_Water_System3 (1)

It does take up a substantial amount of room
under the bonnet.
If required, fitting kits are available.
Optional mounting kit – $50

Mounting the pump directly onto the wheel arch, with the heat ex-changer mounted above can limit your ability to fit a dual battery system in some vehicles, but your placement of these components is flexible.


FlowJet pump & Heat Ex-changer
This kit is supplied with a low-flow ‘FlowJet’ pump, at only 35psi this unit will pump out 4.3 litres/min. However, Glind also offer a larger pump option with 50psi 11 litre/min for $30 extra.




The Glind Original Hot Water System
Glind_Hot_ Water_System_Components_Original

The Glind Heat Exchanger measures 355mm long x 105mm high, when choosing placement, consideration for the additional hose connections must be given. Fitting this unit to the 2012 Hilux was an easy fit, plenty of space. No dual battery system installed.


Glind- Hot Water - 2012HiluxDC_D401

Glind Hot Water – 2012 Toyota Hilux

For more information on Glind Hot Water Systems please give us a call.


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