Valve Saver

    Wolfgang Kluenner developed the original Flashlube in 1979 in Melbourne whilst working for CSIRO on a project with Monash University on solving valve seat issues on LPG fitted vehicles. Whilst it began with the Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid for low sulphur Unleaded, low sulphur Diesel fuels have resulted in an increased demand for supplementary diesel engine protection. The Don Kyatt Group has grown the Flashlube range further since their purchase in 1995, for example fitting solutions such as the Valve Saver Kit, which injects the lubricant directly into the fuel system to protect the valve seats in the combustion chamber.

    Valve Saver

    Flashlube Filter +Conditioner

    With the recent market shift to small high powered turbo diesel engines, Common Rail Systems are the engine of choice. However, foreign matter such as water or dirt in fuel has become an increasing issue for owners and mechanics alike.
    Common Rail Diesels are nothing like the tractor engines of the old school 4wds and trucks. Common Rail Diesels run extremely high injector rail pressures which feed the fuel through the injectors (@ 25,000 – 30,000psi) into your motor as demanded by your right foot.
    With increased power, torque and fuel economy comes increased risk, proper servicing of both the engine and the fuel system is required to keep the Common Rail Diesel vehicle at peak performance.
    In the older diesels the injectors were far more tolerant of suspect fuel, they only pumped fuel through at 3,000psi max. The manufacturers fuel filter was sufficient, aftermarket glass bowl filter were and still are popular in country areas where you can easily check for water contamination after filling up from a suspect source. We used to hear stories of heating oil
    used in place of diesel when the price of diesel started to rise and we even considered
    making bio-diesel 10yrs ago, but you wouldn’t dream of putting that in a CRD system.

    Flashlube Diesel Filter

    The need for Ultra-Clean fuel in Common Rail Diesels resulted in more effective filtration, when Flashlube released their Diesel Filter System with a 30 Micron Pre-Filter/Water Separator element the solution was clear. With the clear glass bowl any contaminants are easily identifiable, and with the addition of the dash mounted warning kit, your injectors and pump are pretty safe from damage. No-one wants to have to replace their fuel system because of dirty diesel, $$$$$.
    Flashlube make Vehicle specific fitting kits, which are sold separately, as too are a range of replacement parts for servicing your system.

    Optional Extras include:-
    Hand Primer Kit
    150 micron filter
    Dash Mounted Water Sensor Kit

Remember if there’s a Fuel Tanker at the Service Station – drive on to the next one
You don’t want soup in your tank and it will take about an hour for the crap to settle in the Service Station tanks.

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