Diesel Filter.

    Diesel Filter – from FLASHLUBE

    Fuel Pre-Filter and Water Separator

Install a FlashLube 30 micron Diesel Pre-Filter and Water Separator to assist Manufacturers filter

50ml per 50 litres

    Modern Common Rail Diesel Systems can be incredibly efficient.However they are also intolerant to water and dirt particles that can result in costly engine repair. To help protect your engine from this damage, fit a Flashlube Diesel Filter and to ensure such a high pressured fuel system is kept clean & lubricated, always use Flashlube Common Rail Diesel Conditioner.

    The Flashlube Diesel Filter is a modular designed diesel filter/water separator system. It features a a complete range of modules and components to meet any diesel filtration need. Attached to a header is a 30 micron pre-filter/water separation element, which contains the media required to remove water and other contaminants.

Toyota Legend Allan Gray

    The Terrain Tamer Design Team is headed by 83 year old Head Engineer Allan Gray. Allan has over 67years of automotive experience having worked on the very FIRST LANDCRUISER to arrive in Australia. With over 55 years of working on the tools Allan is well known as a LEGEND in the industry.
    Allan’s pet hate is dirty fuel and it is one of the major causes of serious damage to diesel pumps, injectors and engines. Modern Diesels require ‘Ultra Clean Fuel’ and Original Equipment Filters cannot cope with the ever present contamination alone. Allan suggests that the addition of a pre-filter will separate water and contaminants prior to entering the OE filter. OE filters are generally rated at 5 microns, and by comparison a human hair is 100 microns approximately. Allan’s bottom line on Modern Diesels is Clean Air, Clean Fuel and Clean Oil.
    To read “Australian Workshop Manager – with Allan Gray” click here – Servicing Modern Diesels

      Fuel contamination KILLS DIESELS – Ensure YOUR DRIVE stays alive

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