Ironman 4×4 Double Swag

    Ironman 4×4 Double Swag – $425

    11 January 2012 by Admin

    Ironman 4x4 Double Swag - Unrolled

    Ironman 4×4 Double Swag – Unrolled

    The extensive range of Ironman4x4 Camping Products are testament to their great quality, and amazing value at a low price.

    This double swag will comfortably sleep 2.
    Or, if the weather is hot and you need a little extra elbow room this double swag will give one person a very luxurious nights sleep. Who said camping had to be rough.






    Quality Heavy Duty Canvas & PVC base

    All Ironman Swags come with this quality heavy duty cover and the pvc base is as good as it gets. Solid ground protection for your weary 4wdriven-out bones.
    The cover is certainly roomy so packing up isn’t that nightmare of re-rolling, push & shove.



    Alloy poles, pegs & ropes

    Alloy poles, pegs & ropes

    Quality Alloy Poles
    Included ropes and pegs to secure your swag against the forces of nature.

    Alloy Poles - 3 hoops

    Alloy Poles – 3 hoops

    Which quickly connect to form the 3 hoops that support the swag, keeping the weight off your sleeping body.

    Insect proof mesh - side view

    Insect proof mesh – side view

    With the heavy duty 320gsm Ripstop canvas and insect proof mesh, this swag will keep out all the nasties and keep you safe & snug in all kinds of weather.




    Quality Storage Bag

    Quality Storage Bag

    Easy Access – ready for BED
    With the large entry points at each end or either side getting in & out won’t be a drama for either you or your better half. And BONUS storage pocket to keep your shoes out of the weather or away from spiders.

    All windows & ends are screened and zippered inside & out, clearly a lot of thought and product testing has made this swag extremely usable.

    Ironman4x4 Double Swag Plenty of Ventilation

    Ironman4x4 Double Swag
    Plenty of Ventilation

    This 7cm thick High Density Foam Mattress will rest your tired bones all night long. Plenty of ventilation for those steamy nigh-time activities . . . . snoring that is.

    Almost a mini tent

    With the 3 hoops supporting the ripstop canvas; this swag is almost a mini tent, complete with a bed . . . . and is great value at $425




    Give Us a CALL to order one of these great IRONMAN 4X4 SWAGS – also available in a single at $375
    02 4447 5845 freight extra


    Swagging It - Putting it too the test

    Swagging It – Putting it to the test