Ironman 4×4 Instant Awning

Ironman4x4 Instant Awning – from $305 – $345
Quick & easy to erect providing you with shade & shelter on your next 4wd adventure.

One man job! Easy as to erect, see even Tim could do it single handed… and that’s saying something, as it takes him 15mins to put up his Oz Tent !

Once unzipped the awning unclips from the rugged protective PVC bag, unfolding instantly to provide a lightweight waterproof shelter. Retractable easy erect system of self supporting poles and aluminium frame, complete with guy ropes & pegs for additional support if it is windy.
Ripstop Canvas – lightweight waterproof protection
Options include screen rooms to keep out the nasties or fully enclosed rooms that can be used in place of a tent.

Ironman4x4 Instant Awning really is an Instant Awning – you can even ask Tim!

Sizes available to suit most racks or baskets supplied with brackets-

  • 1.4m Long x 2.0m Out $305
  • 2.0m Long x 2.5m Out $325
  • 2.5m Long x 2.5m Out $345

Price does not include Freight

Order yours today – phone Emma on 02 4447 5845

Fitting available at extra cost

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