Ironman 4×4 – Monster Winch

Ironman 4×4 – Monster Winch 12000lbs Synthetic Rope $1099 rrp 2017

The Ironman4x4 Monster winch is a reliable and very affordable accessory for the 4wdriver that doesn’t require a hard core competition grade winch.
Plus 3yrs warranty

Rating well in the 4wd Action Mega Winch Comparison in Issue 126 of the magazine, in which they reviewed 10 of Australia’s top selling brands. The Ironman Monster 9500lb winch came in 4th place. Well done given the $799 price tag.

Place Manufacturer Price

  • 1st Premier9000lb $1495
  • 2nd Warn 9.5XP $2028
  • 3rd TJM/OX9500lb $999
  • 4th Monster9500lb $799
  • 5th OppLock9500lb $950
  • 6th TMax9000lb $699
  • 7th TMax10,000lb $799
  • 8th Warn 12,000lb $2432
  • 9th Mile Marker 9000lb $1539
  • 10th Warn Magnum 9000lb $934

For further details coontact Emma on 44475845

Ironman4x4 105LC Deluxe Bull bar

Ironman4x4 105LC Deluxe Bull bar

Ironman4x4 Deluxe Commerical Bar with Monster 12000lb Winch – Steel cable

Winching back

Winching Up

Slippery on the Monument track in winter