Ironman 4×4 – Protector Bar

    Ironman 4×4 – Protector Bar $1495 RRP
    Updated 01-12-17

    LC79 Protector Bar

    LC79 Protector Bar

    Airbag and Winch compatible;
    Inclusive integrated light package,
    which includes halogen driving lights,
    parker and indicator lights.
    Ironman 4×4 Protector Bar is a very
    popular 4wd Accessory.

    Chris@Ironman4x4_Bullbar_scanningAt Ironman 4×4 they Design, Engineer
    and Test
    all their products right here in
    Australia. However, the production is off-shore
    in their own purpose built factory in Thailand.

    As a new vehicle comes onto the market
    the team at Ironman 4×4 start the process of
    scanning and designing the range of bars to suit.
    The Team at Ironman 4×4 are continually adding to their range, check out their other essential 4wd equipment..


    Snowy105LCProtectorBarColourMatchedAs with ALL Ironman4x4 Bars the Protector Bar is ADR COMPLIANT.

    The Ironman 4×4 Protector Bar looks great
    adding both style and protection to your 4wd.
    Colour matched paint is available at extra cost . . . but the look is exceptional.

    Ironman 4x4 Monster Winch

    Adding a WINCH

    All Ironman 4×4 Bars come with winch mounting bracket included, that bolts directly to the chassis. So if you choose to add a winch, your bar is ready to go.

    Getting the LOOK

    Colour Coded

    The stylish integrated light package, with
    halogen driving lights.

    Triple Loop Design for complete front end

    Tough polyurethane overrides and additional
    mounting braces for aerials or additional lights.

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    for any further information about IRONMAN 4×4 Bull bars or Accessories