Murrumbidgee River Free Camp

Murrumbidgee River FREE Camp
6 October 2009 by Admin

Worldons Crown Land Reserve – FREE Camp

Google Map Worldons Reserve FREE Camping Mundarlo – Murrumbidgee River

Google Earth – Worldons Reserve FREE Camping on the Murrumbidgee

    Worldons Reserve Free Camp is located along the Murrumbidgee River between Gundagai and Wagga. One of the many Crown Reserves that the local fisho’s have known about and have had access to for decades. Crown Reserves are there for us all, but some of their locations have been a very well kept secret.

    Worldons Crown Land Reserve

    Getting There

    This peaceful free camp spot on a bend in the river, is just off River Rd at Mundarlo. If you turn RIGHT off the Hume at Tumblong onto the Old Hume Hwy you follow old man Murrumbidgee to the intersection of Tenandra Rd. Turning RIGHT you cross the Mundarlo Bridge, turn LEFT at River Rd and first on your LEFT again is Worldons Lane. The reserve is at the very end of Worldons Lane. Entry is via the gate that looks like it could be ‘Private Property’, as it is adjacent to a neighbouring farm house. Please leave the gate as you find it, as it is often closed.
    Crown Reserves are used for grazing stock by local land owners, keeping grass heights manageable and reducing bush fire risk. So respect the local farmers and their stock.

    The Lagoon – Great Swimming – No Current

    Great safe swimming in the Lagoon

    Great Swimming

    We were lucky that during our stay the river levels only rose a 1/2 metre or so. However, by our last day the level was still rising and already encroaching on our camp fire, so it was time to move on.
    This FREE Camp is reasonably large, with plenty of grassy spots. Some with more generous shade provided by the casuarinas. However, we chose a spot close to the ‘boat ramp’ which was really nothing more than a billabong that gives you access to the main river.

    Our boys played all day everyday in this billabong, as it had sufficient depth and they could swim without being effected by the fast flowing mainstream of the Murrumbidgee.

    The river underfoot was mostly large pebbles with patches of sand but the boys weren’t phased as they are used to wearing old joggers or beach feet in the water to prevent cuts.

    They would spend hours skimming rocks across the river in a frenzied competition with Dad. We were visited by the horses and cows that were grazing on the long grass, wandering down for a drink. Kangaroos appeared in the early morning mist from across the paddocks surrounding the reserve, and the many wombat holes along the banks testify to the number of wombats that roam at night.

    Murrumbidgee River and sandbar from the Lagoon

    Great Canoeing

    Murrumbidgee Canoe Trail – CLICK ABOVE

    NSW Crown Lands – Canoe & Kayak Trails
    There are lots of these Free Camp Reserves along the Murrumbidgee River.
    If you have a canoe or kayak this is a great canoe adventure trip
    that the kids will love. Starting at anyone of these reserves from
    Gundagai all the way to Hay, you can make your trip as long or as
    short as you like. Support vehicles can meet you at one of the many
    access points along the way, with plentiful overnight camping and
    some real Aussie fun.
    Click on this pic for more info:-

    Australian Fishing Network

    If you want more information on great Crown Reserves along the Murrumbidgee, this is what to look for at your nearest tackle shop or buy online – Australian Fishing Network publish this any many more great river access books.

    Worldons Reserve is a wonderful quiet free camp, great to use as a base camp whilst exploring the region, ideal for 3-5 days as it is only 1hr to Wagga Wagga for essential shopping trips, or 45min back to Gundagai for a look around town or a visit to the legendry ‘Dog on the Tucker Box’.

    Junee Rail Museum is just up the road ……. and did I mention the Chocolate Factory

    Junee Roundhouse

    Link-Junee Roundhouse

    Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory

    Link-Licorice & Chocolate

    Free Camp – No Trouble

    Whilst we had no trouble with our campsite being targeted by unsavory types, we did lock everything up when we left for a days exploring. One of the locals & his kids did come down to check us out, but they weren’t a problem to us, and we weren’t a problem to them.
    Remember to always take your rubbish with you when you leave or on day trips
    Make no mess and no one will have an excuse to close these wonderful FREE CAMPING RESERVES.

    Worldons is an isolated camp ideal for a large get together, and provided you are all fully self sufficient with self contained effluent management, ie portable toilet.
    The Murrumbidgee River is a VITAL WATER RESOURCE for all the communities downstream.

    The river can rise without any notice here as it is not only downstream of Burrunjuck Dam but also affected by localised rainfall. Check Water Resources website.

    Check Water Levels Regularly – from this to this in 24hrs