Dog Friendly Camping NSW Snowy Mountains

Dog Friendly Camping NSW Snowy Mountains

As regular campers in the NSW mountains we are constantly looking for dog friendly places to camp, and this great spot near Tumbarumba ticks all the boxes. Paddy’s River Dam was built during the gold rush years in the 1800’s when the water from here was used in the mining operations.

This free-camping area in the Bago State Forest between Laurel Hill and Blowering Dam, can be busy during School Holidays and Public Holidays. However, it has such a variety of camping areas, don’t be deterred from visiting.

Foreshore Camp @ Paddy’s River Dam Bago SF

If you arrive early before the crowds or visit during school terms there are some lovely spots right on the edge of the dam. We have always been lucky on the several occasions; even at Easter best to get there on the Thursday.
However with only a few drop toilets it is advisable to take your own chemical loo, and bring firewood as it gets picked bare at camp. It is easy to collect it on the way in or on your travels within the forest. This is a commercially logged forest, but there are many areas of native timber remaining to provide you with fallen branches for the camp fire.

Misty Morning Paddy’s River Dam

Camping on the waters edge you get great views over the water and visits from the resident platypus in the early morning mist.

Watch out on the riverbanks, many of the edges around the dam are undermined and collapse easily and trap these beautiful animals and they drown.

Bago State Forest is large and can be easily
explored over a weekend. In particular the
power lines track across to Talbingo is a very
enjoyable drive.

Buddong Hut

The route passes Buddong Hut, built in 1925 by Water Recources and Irrigation Commision. With the development of the Hume and Hovell Walking Track the Department of Lands restored the hut in 1986, adding the verandah and wood box.

Buddong Falls

Buddong Falls is not far, as the track crisscrosses in and out of the State Forest and National Park.
The Falls are lovely and walk down is well worth it, although your legs might be telling your otherwise on the way back to the top.
Although this isn’t 4wd territory, you will be glad if it has been raining.

The forest is still fairly isolated and there are lots of other tracks leading off that are worthy of further exploration.

Power Lines Track

The view from the top of the power lines track is wonderful; stop and take the time to photograph Talbingo Mountain.
You may be lucky enough to see one of the hang gliders that take off from this bluff and land on the grass across around Jounama Poundage. Keep an eye out for them when you’re down in Talbingo Village.


Whilst on the power lines track you may also catch a glimpse of some of the brumbies that are free to roam throughout the forest. They particularly like the clear grassy areas under the huge power stanchions. The brumbies are being rounded up and removed from the adjacent National Park, and although they aren’t native to Australia they are part of the legend that makes the Snowy Mountains such an Australian Icon and controversy still reigns over management of these creatures.

Tumut 3 Talbingo

You pop out of the forest near the junction of Buddong Creek and Jounama poundage, along the road to Tumut 3 power station, at Talbingo.

At the end of the track is the road upto Talbingo Pondage, turn right and drive upto the power station and onto Talbingo Dam.

Talbingo Dam Wall

This is truly remarkable country, and to know that you are really so close to Canberra is quite surprising.
The area has a lot to offer, and if you need a DOG FRIENDLY camp it is a great place to use as a base for further exploration.


Tumbie Shops

Tumbarumba has a licensed IGA Supermarket, and a coin operated laundromat if your kids get muddy like mine when camping.
TWO Pubs to keep the guys occupied whilst you spin the washing through and restock the larder.
It also as a great Mitre10 hardware carrying general camping items if you need rope or another bucket.

Bring your fishing rod the dam is stocked and well worth the effort. There are plenty of great towns to explore in within a short drive, Batlow apples are for sale at the many roadside stalls coming in off the Hume Hwy.

Adelong Gold Diggings

Adelong is a great town to explore with lots of gold mining history, the old gold workings reserve is well worth stopping and climbing around for a good couple of hours. It is also an easy drive up to Mt Selwyn if you dare to venture here in the winter, I am sure you will have the whole place to yourselves if you’re game.