Heading Home – the Ridge – Brewarrina – Bourke – Byrock

Northern NSW – Touring and Camping Trip

Reserve – Barwon River Brewarrina

Easter is nearly shot as we make our way home.

Leaving the Ridge behind we headed back to Walgett and turn right to Brewarrina to follow the Kamilaroi Hwy to Bourke.
Lunch break was at the rest area just north of Bree on the Barwon River. Quiet and clean, and a pretty spot with easy parking and not too many flies.

Ancient Fish Traps

After stopping in Brewarrina to have a guided tour of the fish traps and the Cultural Centre we were soon on the road again, as thhe day was warming up and so were the flies.
The Landcruiser’s A/C was most welcome as we continued along the Kamilaroi towards Bourke.

Bourke Wharf

Our destination for the night was Byrock, so we
were only able to spend a few hours in Bourke.

Crossley Engine 1923

Old London Bank

Bourke Meat works

We wanted to have a look around the Old London Bank where Rob’s Grandparents once lived.
It is now operating as a Guest House and the owner had sent me pictures of all the rooms prior to our trip. It was great to see it in person.

Out of town stands the now disused and abandoned slaughterhouse once owned Tancred Bros, where his Grand Father and Great Uncle once worked.

Mulga Creek Hotel Byrock

Tancred Bros sold the meatworks on in later years, and the family had moved down to Dubbo and on to Sydney where they were living when the rest of the family came out from Italy. The old meatworks was overrun with long weeds, certainly had seen better days. There are internal images of the site on Flicker if you want to investigate further. But we wanted to get to our next camp for the night.
Onto Byrock in time for a drink at the Mulga Creek Pub.
We setup camp out the back for the night in this rustic but really pleasant spot. With the campfire roaring and a bush poet to keep them entertained, it was a really nice end to another interesting day.

Byrock Rock Pools

Byrock Cemetery

Next morning we headed off to the Byrock rock pools and Pioneer Cemetery for walk around these wonderful spots in the scrub you wouldn’t know were even here as the aren’t well signposted.

The Pioneer cemetery further on down the road was extremely interesting, a bit of a sad end to the morning. So many young children buried in here, a testimony to the hard working women of the bush, chin up and get on.

Just a few Happy Snaps